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If you are looking for e cigarette coupons you have come to the right place. This post has current Halo cigs coupons for you to use today - no false advertising or traps. Simply follow the directions below to activate your Halo coupon and enjoy the savings.

Be careful with all the fake coupons and deals online for Halo. Halo is a premium provider that offers limited discounts or coupons - what they do offer is a 5% coupon to approved merchants and affiliates. Here it is for you to use:

1. Click to Copy & Activate Code


2. At Checkout Enter Coupon Code


Use Your Halo Cigs Coupon with These Top Products

Halo has emerged as one of the most prominent and innovative e-cigarette brands on the market today. Here is a sample of Halo's top selling products. 

Halo G6 E-Cigarette        five-star-rating

The G6 from Halo is everything you are looking for in a E-cigarette starter kit and more. The beautifully stylish design of the G6 instantly wins people over. You have a choice of colors and battery sizes with this kit, at no additional price and it all comes with a cool and functional carry case. PC Magazine has stated that "Halo is to e-cigs what Apple is to tablets", a powerful statement but I tend to agree. The G6 suits first timers and experienced vapers alike - it delivers a powerful vapor and a satisfying hit, especially when mixed with Halo's range of e-liquids.

$44.99    More on Halo G6

Halo Triton Tank Kit       four-half-star-rating

The Halo Triton is a step up for those who need a little more than what the G6 offers and want to try some more serious vaping. What you will get with this unit is longer lasting battery performance, increased tank capacity and BIG vapor production. This is not recommended for first timers but the Triton is still an easy to use system that will satisfy most medium-heavy smokers. The Halo Triton clearomizers are high quality, clear 2.4 ml tanks that make vaping a pleasure - they're easy to fill and you can see exactly when it is time to refill with e-liquid.  

$64.99    More on Halo Triton

Halo E-Liquids                five-star-rating

Halo e-liquids are top shelf little drops of goodness. They are not the cheapest drop on the market, but they certainly are tasty. Halo has developed a reputation for making the best USA made e-juice and the fact that they follow the strictest manufacturing processes helps. Midnight Apple, Malibu Tropical Blend and their range of fun flavors vape exceptionally well and have really realistic likeness to all of the flavor names. For $5.99 for 7 ml you cannot really go wrong - give them a try. 

$5.99    View E-Liquid Range